Building Materials

NAXB is a solution
for building

NAXB is an integrated solution consisting of our ceramic tiles, glues, tools, waterproofing products and more to discover together.
Reliability, ease of use, efficiency and effectiveness characterize our solutions, satisfying all the needs of our customers with a wide range of products in the construction sector.

Our work goes from the most severe selection of industrial partners, to the identification of the best raw materials and to a better placement of both human and technological resources.
We believe that thinking big means being able to meet the most specific and exigent demands. To grow on the market, a company must be competitive, must be informed about the latest research and development innovations and be open to testing new ideas.

Project description

Professionals can find in Naxb continuous technical assistance, complete training on innovative products, practical solutions to every problem.
The combination of ceramic tiles, glues, waterproofing products and tools transforms the solution into an integrated system perfect for every need.