NAXB Engineering


Ceramic tiles:
We believe in the power of innovation, sustainability and in the uniqueness of Northern European style and design. These factors always play an important role in developing our attractive Pro-ranges - unique products made of completely natural high-quality raw materials, extracted all over the world and transformed for us in the most advanced plants in the world.

Construction and engineering:
A specialized department for the supply of turnkey construction solutions, from design to the implementation of each customized solution.

• Ventilated facades
• Raised floors (In Scandinavia called “Systemgulv”)
• Custom kitchen top
• Ceramic tables
• Prints on entire facades of a building, or a single wall of interior environments

Naxb allows you to have a single partner able to manage the entire process from the design phase to implementation, guaranteeing excellent results.

We use any product chosen by the professional who relies on us for the realization of his/her ideas.