At the beginningof the new century, the architecture market was experiencing a great desire for change.

It was constantly looking for something different.
It no longer wanted a certain product but an easy solution to its problems.
At that time, 4 Scandinavian entrepreneurs and an Italian one decided to interpret this desire by founding NAXB in 2008, where the watchword was Simple solutions.

Our ambition was to be differentfrom everything around us.

We wanted to create an ethical system where we could work better and create a community where the individual feels at the center of our Mission.
We invented an integrated system of architectural solutions that could be simple to use. A system with infinite solutions. PRO SYSTEM.
We found ourselves completely alone in an industrial market that wanted to sell more and more complex products with a short life cycle. Few believed in us. So few that for years no one noticed our existence.
One day we met a very influential person in the Scandinavian architecture world who engaged in our project with great courage, promoting it everywhere.
We found a lot of difficulties to coordinate an international working group with cultural differences that, until that day, had been used to working alone.
We often repeated to ourselves “Never give up” as if to convince ourselves that this was going to be the challenge of our life.

We created the NAXB brand, strong, captivating, with bold colors like we were.

The word ALLIANCE was the magic we were looking for. It was immediately perceived as something different until today to become the reference of a continuous challenge.
Today, Sustainability has become our new energy to continue the challenge, and we are aware that those 5 entrepreneurs have now become a huge community.


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