Naxb isa green choice – we invest in sustainability and improvement in quality of life, and want to contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

NAXB is synonymous with change, we pass from the old business values to the new levers of sustainability and circular economy. We are talking about a solution and not a product. We exalt the saving of CO2 and not of the indiscriminate price.

Big cities are changing completely both in the design of infrastructures and in the use of transport, in habits and in living in common spaces. We fight to reach zero emission cities by offering carbon free products.

We shall be part of a sustainable trade with modern industries that have a strong focus on efficiency and the use of raw materials.

Naxb isrespecting the environment

Naxb wants to be part of redesigning and building the cities of the future based on environmental and social respect criteria. The market is so competitive and complex that it needs solutions satisfying the needs of the upcoming Millennials generation who are always well informed, flexible and fast with on-demand solutions.

We want to create a community where we lower the feeling of isolation and individuality by promoting teamwork. We increase productivity through a total sharing of the goal, having as its mission the protection and respect of the environment. Naxb is a co-working concept with a redefinition of working spaces where alternative ideas and relationships are developed.

Naxb istargeting circularity

Naxb push a circular production of our Ceramic Tiles: a system aimed on the principles of eliminating waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use for longer, and regenerating natural system. This circular approach being in contrast to the traditional linear model, is an extremely important step reducing waste and emission leakage.

Naxb isdifferent

We established and designed Naxb to challenge the market by doing things differently. We challenge the market with our solution called Pro System, inspired by the style of Northern Europe. Simple to use, eco-friendly and low emission products, improving the lives of those who work with us and our customers.
PRO SYSTEM is an integrated solution consisting of our ceramic tiles, glues, tools, waterproofing products and more to discover together.


The Pro-System ranges are resistant, durable and safe products, made in line with contemporary living and the principles of green architecture. They do not emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) harmful to health, they are hygienic and easy to maintain
Naxb porcelain stoneware comes from a mixture of natural raw materials that are combined with other components of recycled material.
The raw-material quarries of our partners follow a morphological and vegetational restoration program, in line with environmental directives, to safeguard the biodiversity of the territory.
A wide range of Pro-System tiles have been certified by the external organization Certiquality, for their technical-structural characteristics, as they comply with LEED® requirements for the construction of eco-sustainable buildings.
The production processes of our partners are ISO 14001: 2004 and EMAS certified, one of the most selective environmental process certifications in Europe. The achievement of this important recognition, obtained for all production plants, denotes the constant commitment of our collaborators for sustainable development.
Pro-System tiles are eco-sustainable as they are produced with a closed-circuit process, thanks to a system of production waste, processing water, the raw materials they contain, and the heat generated in different phases. In addition, our partners produce ceramics with reduced CO2 emissions, thanks to the investment in technologically advanced production plants that reduce energy consumption.
The Pro-system ranges have obtained the EPD thanks to the above focus.



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