About us

Naxb isa Scandinavian purchasing and distribution alliance of sustainable Ceramic tiles and related building materials.

Our goals are increased profitability of our members’ businesses through focus on sustainability, social accountability, competitiveness and efficiency from production to distribution, having a well done and up to date assortment of products and purchasing loyalty.

Naxb isdifferent

We established and designed Naxb to challenge the market by doing things differently. We challenge the market with our solution called Pro System, inspired by the style of Northern Europe. These are simple to use, eco-friendly and low emission products, improving the lives of those who work with us and our customers.
PRO SYSTEM is an integrated solution consisting of our ceramic tiles, glues, tools, waterproofing products and more to discover together.

Naxband the added value

Today the added value of a distributor lies in understanding the needs of the market and selecting the most suitable supplier for that solution.
NAXB allows you to diversify the offer in order to intercept the requests of an increasingly demanding and informed clientele,
Selling your own NAXB branded product allows you to sell something no one else has, thus minimizing the price and protecting your margins.
The own brand product must become the strategic pillar of the growth opportunities of distributors for the next few years.
But to get different results, you need to be willing to do things you've never done.
You can't look at your business with blinders, you have to create a broader vision, tap into ideas, best practices, business models that work in other industries, and find ways to adapt them to yours.

Naxbis a community

We want to create a community where we lower the feeling of isolation and individuality by promoting teamwork. We increase productivity through a total sharing of the goal, having as its mission the protection and respect of the environment. Naxb is a co-working concept with a redefinition of working spaces where alternative ideas and relationships are developed.


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