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Who We are 

NAXB is an aggregation of tiles distributors with the goal of increasing their competitiveness and efficiency through the setting up of common strategies in order to exploit synergies and to increase the purchasing power.

  • 78  SHOW ROOM
  • 200 SELLERS
  • 1 OFFICE R&D

How We  operate

Our policy is simple: by sharing best practices examples on Northern European level Naxb manage to satisfy Memebers wishes and needs even better. Having constant market research at global, European and national level we are able to understand the complexity of our market and can adequatly respond to it.


The synergy between all the members makes the organization even stronger than its individuals members in front the suppliers. That is what all our members have recognized as an advantage of having growth from a national buying organization into a globally operating marketing organization.
The individual members use  the organization in order  to get  the best competitive condition on the market.


In 2007 NAXB has been created by the wish of 4  big distributors to aggregate production and distribution companies  shortening  the  business process.

In 2009 we face in front the internationalization, the delocalization of production. The inception of new industrial areas require a diversified approach to the market. We started to sellect the best biggest producer  in the world producing  tile  and slowly we update  our suppliers portfoglio. Today we are proud  to have the  best 10 biggest worldwilde tile  producer in partneship with us.

In 2011 we  started to produce in outsorcing some own collections specialized for Scandinavian market.

In 2013 we rented a  complite  production line  in order to produce all the  items  required from the  market

In 2015 NAXB is a continuously growing reality and at present its associated individual members are able to use their strong sales ability  in a vast network made up of shops and retailers.


Our Vision

We plan to become the acknowledged leader in purchasing and business  solutions in the  field of ceramic tiles on a Northern European level.


To enter the market in full alliance with the supplliers, with clear roles of competence permits the elimination of the classic distributive processes which are now too slow and onerous.

NAXB offers to the members the possibility of playing an active part in the distribution process widening their visibility of new trends and the market itself.

To make decisions with the other  Northen European distributors, having clear and precise information, guarantees a more efficient way of managing the purchasing,  of the stocking  and to increase the level of service.

Naxb Member

All of our member distributors are independent entrepreneurs who are there to serve their customer with all the neccessary products and  services. The daily collaboration of the Naxb members is able to bring the best solution for the customers with very competitive price. All the members are located in the country:


For compaies wishing to join , please contact:  

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