Using the latest technology......

Thanks to the knowledge of the market and the business dynamics Naxb chooses the best international manufacturers as suppliers of its alliance in order to satisfy the requirements of associate members. 

The internationalization, the delocalization of production and the inception of new industrial areas compels to search for companies able to invent high value finished products with the  best competive price and latest technology.

Developing  new  items......

The products are studied and invented following market requirements, trends and then manufactured by the industrial suppliers with highly competitive product solutions. Naxb has  an office  of  Research & Development  able  to study all the  new trend  of the  market. This  alowd Naxb to have  one of the  best assortment  of the  market.

NAXB has chosen a basis range of products with a high aesthetic value at competitive prices with sizes from 1.5x1.5 to tiles measuring 60x120 and 100x300.

The ability to have an ever complete, vast and thorough range of products gives the associate member/distributors/isuppliers the possibility to be highly competitive in a market where the final consumer is always aware of the latest trends.

His knowledge of the latest production techniques, industrial costs, international manufacturers and design trends assist him in giving product solutions with the maximization of the ratio price/quality/saleability.

Producing on demand......

Thanks to the  rented production line  we  are able to produce  our own collections in every sizes.
Having joined the  biggest industrialists belonging to the NAXB group permits on demand production, whereby the members can choose the format, the aesthetic finish and a price which will always guarantee an up-dated market value.
Naxb wishes to give the Members the opportunity to make use of the experience of Product Team  for studying and developing a specialized range of products.